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The Dawn of Barriology

The molecular architecture of Tight Junctions has gradually been unraveled in recent years, providing the basis for Barriology, the science of the barrier in multicellular organisms.

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Tight Junctions: from simple barriers to multifunctional molecular gates

Epithelia and endothelia separate different tissue compartments and protect multicellular organisms from the outside world. This requires the formation of tight junctions, selective gates that control paracellular diffusion of ions and solutes. 

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Claudins with paracellular channel functions

In the liver, a claudin-2–based paracellular channel supplies Na+ and water to the perivenous region of the liver lobule to generate directional bile flow from the center to the periphery of the lobule.

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Why we collaborate?
We truly believe that people will benefit from our research. We also believe people don’t have decades to wait for our research to advance to translational solutions. We call upon all those who are interested in helping people, to collaborate, and further our designs in order for the research to become clinical solutions at a speedy pace.