Welcome to the Mizrachi Lab


Dario Mizrachi, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor 
(801) 422-0360


My laboratory is addressing key questions in the assembly of tight junctions (TJs) using a bottom-up approach. Our tools are molecular and structural biology, protein engineering, biochemistry, biophysics, microbiology, cell biology, and physiology. Our objective is to understand biomolecular (self-) assembly of TJs, and function of its proteins’ structure and interactions. We aim to apply this knowledge to important problems in human health, biomolecular engineering, and nanotechnology.

  Why we collaborate?
We truly believe that people will benefit from our research. We also believe people don’t have decades to wait for our research to advance to translational solutions. We call upon all those who are interested in helping people, to collaborate, and further our designs in order for the research to become clinical solutions at a speedy pace.

Our laboratory uses sciNote – Free Open Source Electronic Lab Notebook